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Our Services

Williamson Health and Wellness Center provides a comprehensive package of primary care, dental and behavioral health services to all residents of Mingo County, regardless of age or income.

The Center is a Federally Qualified Health Center located in downtown Williamson with a mission to serve all residents of our community.  Our top priority is to provide every patient with complete and excellent care in a comfortable space.

Our knowledgeable staff provides care for children, adults and seniors, including those who are uinsured or on Medicaid. Our Center also offers a sliding fee for patients in need — just fill out this form to bring to your appointment. All of the services listed below are available to you and your family.


Dental Services

Oral health is an essential component of primary care. However, oral health must be delivered by especially trained professionals, i.e., dentists and dental hygienists. For many reasons, regular dental care is traditionally out of reach for underserved populations in general and our patients in particular. At the Williamson Health & Wellness Center, we focus on providing basic, but comprehensive, oral health care at affordable prices. In addition to preventive services (i.e., education, counseling and tartar removal), we offer the following services: comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and treatment planning, restorative procedures (e.g., fillings), surgical procedures (e.g., extractions), rehabilitative services (e.g. periodontal treatment, root canals, and dentures), and some cosmetic services.

Other Services

We also provide services covering behavioral health and adult and pediatric medicine.