Williamson Farmer's Market

The Williamson Farmers' Market brings fresh, local produce to community members, encourages healthy eating habits and provides an outlet for local farmers and gardeners to sell home grown foods and veggies.

West Virginia Running Resource Network

By expanding on previously established programs and events within West Virginia, the WVRRN will be able to build and establish strong partnerships to improve overall health and physical activity levels in all regions of West Virginia.

National Lunchwalk Challenge

The Challenge of the National Spring Lunch Walk Challenge for 2015 is to increase physical activity throughout the nation. We believe that by increasing physical activity we will be able to help encourage not only healthier lifestyles, but also a more healthy social lifestyle as well.


Earn points and rewards by making the choice to get out and be active at Healthy in the Hills events.

The Healthy in the Hills Passport (It’s free!) is available to you if you live in Mingo County, WV, Logan County, WV and Pike County, KY.

Interested in getting a passport? Call 304-235-3400, or stop by our office at 182 East 2nd Avenue in Williamson.

Healthy In The Hills

Healthy in the hills and our partners offer various healthy oriented programs and events for our community. We are proud to serve our community, and try to maintain the highest quality of event possible.

Health Innovation HUB

The Health Innovation Hub is the anchoring hub and network for building a culture of health throughout Central Appalachia. We believe connectivity and collaboration is key to growing healthy communities and vibrant, local economies. Through the model we’ve developed in Williamson, WV, our hope through the Health Innovation Hub is to link arms with communities across the region to replicate the successful model that the Williamson community has developed, helping provide valuable local, state and national connections, tools and resources and mentorship to communities in transition.

Block Party

The Block Party is a local Festival that is hosted for the community at the Williamson at the Williamson Farmer's Market.

Tuesday Night Track

Since 2012, Tuesday Night Track has been hosted by Belfry High School at the track every Tuesday night @ 5:30pm - 6:00pm. Come join Coach Alexis, and increase your physcial activity!

Meet many friends, and ejoy a nice relaxing walk, or a vigorus run.

Sustainable Williamson

Sustainable Williamson, a project of Williamson Health and Wellness Center and the town of Williamson, is a living-lab platform working through vibrant, community-driven processes to breathe life back into central Appalachia.

Ramella Community Gardens

The Ramella Community Garden is a local garden in the Williamson City limits that provides opportunities for the low income populace to in the area to produce their own locally grown food.

Healthy Feud

The Healthy Feud is a program we started offer to offer in 2013. This program is designed to compliment it's sister program Lunchwalk Challenge.

Throughout the course of the program we have seen up towards 1000 participants waging a walking feud! By walking in this event, and each user can be part of either the Hatfield or McCoy Families.

My Mobile Market

My Mobile Market was established in 2011 and we acually brings food to you! We travel to different cities selling fresh produce including Kermit, Dingess, Delbarton, Matewan, Gilbert, and Williamson.