We help support our service area with a strong community outreach program. We are dedicated to providing local physcial activity, and local eating services to the Williamson WV area and beyond. Our outreach team strives to provide the best services possible to our community. Anything from our community garden, farmer's market to our monthly 5ks, and clinical internvention team. Branded as Healthy In The Hills, we have partnered with several other local groups to extend our services further than ever before!

Dental Services

Good oral health is a nessacity for good physcial health. We offer a varity of services including but not limited to fillings, cleanings, and x-rays. At the Williamson Health and Wellness Center we service both adult patients and pediatrics. Our on-site dental team is dedicated to providing excelent services to the Williamson Area, and we glady welcome walk in patients. Located on Second Ave, the dental clinic sports a varity of up-to-date dental equipment to help you with your oral needs!

Adult Medicine

Located on the second floor, with elevator access located at the outreach department, our adult medicine staff strives to provide high quality health care to patients in the Williamson area. Recently, we have acquired Comphrensinve Health Solutions also located on Second Ave to extend our access to patients in the Williamson Area. We offer a varity of services including Primary Care, Women's Health, Annual Screenings, Annual Wellness Visits and much more!

Pediatric Services

Located at 186 East Second Ave our pediatric team proivdes top quality primary care including immuzations, school and sport physcials, clearence for dental and surgical procedures, and much more!


Foot care is essential to our ability to maintain a active lifestyle, and allows us to live a healthier fuller life! Our podiatry team located at 186 East Second Ave. Williamson WV provides top quality care to our service area. We offer a varity of services for heel pain, bunions, hamertoes, warts, defomities, swelling, sprains, ingrown nails, wounds, broken bones, and much more. We also work with braces, orthotics, and shoe recommendations.

Behavioral Health

Mental health is extremly important to your well being, overlooked and often dismissed as a non-nessacity good mental health can have a huge impact on your health. Our dedicated Behavorial Health team offers outpatient theraphy for patients experincing depressson, anxiety and any other mental health issues. We provide high quality care for both adults, and adolesance youth. Our team will closely collabarate with the primary care physcians for medications.

"It's so affordable for individuals who can't afford insurance. The staff is nice, knowledgeable & are there to help you out with any medical needs. The NP is very friendly, treats you like a human being instead of a number. He speaks on your level. He knows his job."