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About Us

The Williamson Health & Wellness Center is a Federally Qualified Health Care Center located in Williamson West Virginia.

We are commited to provideing the best services in the area. Our dedicated and experienced team of local medical professionals offer a large variety of services to the local community.

Why Should You Choose us?

Community Driven

Using income from the services we provide we reinvest it into our community with programs such as the Williamson Farmer's Market, Greater WilliamsonPublic WiFi, Monthly Races, and much more! 


Dedicated Staff

Our dedicated staff is there to help you any way we can. We pride ourself in providing tp quality healthcare services at a very competive rate.

The Security of YOUR MEDICAL INFORMATION is important to us! We strive to keep up to date on the most important policies and procedures to make sure your information is kept secure and confidental.

The Guard

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