Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant

Job Description

Position: Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant


At the Williamson Health and Wellness Center (WHWC), a Nurse Practitioner (NP)/Physician Assistant(PA) is responsible for a wide range of duties. The position, first and foremost, requires competent and thorough clinical assessment. Beyond clinical assessment, the NP/Pa position requires a focus on developing, implementing and evaluating effective health strategies for patients in an effort to ensure that patients can fully utilize the health care resources available to them. The NP/PA should be diligent in their maintaining of accurate records. Additionally, they should develop and maintain productive, professional relationships with Physicians and WHWC Staff in order to facilitate good channels of communication.

Essential Functions:

  1. Clinical Assessment
    1. Perform history-taking and physical examinations thoroughly and independently.
    1. Identify psycho-social and cultural needs of patients and families.
    1. Identify patient and family needs with regards to preventative care, disease entity, medications, dietary restrictions and other-therapeutic regimen.
    1. Order and interpret diagnostic regimen.
    1. Collect and interpret data base.
    1. Consult with physicians when appropriate.
  2. Planning
    1. Develop a problem list from assessment data.
    1. Establish optimum goals considering the physical and emotional status of the patient.
    1. Plan remedial actions within the framework of protocol or by collaboration with the physician.
    1. Collaborate regularly with the physician and other members of the health care team in reference to the patient’s health status and needs.
    1. Refer problems when necessary to the physician.
    1. Demonstrate the ability to develop a treatment plan to meet individual and family needs.
    1. Review policies and procedures of the WHWC and provide recommendations and input.
  3. Implementation
    1. Demonstrate the ability to monitor a diverse case load of patients in collaboration with the physicians.
    1. Understand professional limitations and proceed accordingly to obtain assistance and support from other members of the health care team.
    1. Participate in patient care conferences and provide guidance and implementation of care.
    1. Coordinate care of designated patient population to review reports, consultations and recommendations for other health care professionals.
    1. Initiate plans, medications and/or treatment regimen within the guidelines or with physician consultation when a patient’s condition so indicates.
    1. Perform special procedures as indicated by the clinical setting.
    1. Provide, review and reinforce patient education regarding preventative care, disease entity, medications, dietary restrictions and other therapeutic regimen.
    1. Initiate referrals to community services to provide a continuum of client services.
  4. Evaluation
    1. Determine effectiveness of plans on basis of pertinent data collected.
    1. Evaluate revision and plan of care to meet changing needs.
  • Recording
    • Maintain complete, accurate and timely records of all patient care interventions and responses utilizing a systematic format.
    • Indicate in writing rationales for therapeutic interventions.
    • Maintain accurate statistical data and required data.
    • Educate patient and family regarding the comprehensive plan of care.
  • Managerial/Administrative Responsibilities
    • Assist in implementing goals and objectives of the program.
    • Coordinate with Primary Supervising Physician and alternate supervising physicians to facility flow.
    • Participate in review of policies and procedures and actively provides input.
    • Maintain direct and effective lines of communication with Primary Supervising, alternate supervising physicians and WHWC staff.
  • Educational
    • Prepare and deliver education programs for peers, employees, patients and families.
    • Assume responsibility for own professional growth.
    • Maintain professional competence as to participation in continuing education in their appropriate learning experiences.
    • Serve as a clinical resource person to other health care members.
  • Credentialing Criteria
    • Credentialing by the ARNP registration and West Virginia Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses and Advanced Practice Prescriptions Writing Privileges.(or Physician Assistant Equivalent )
    • NP/PA licensed in West Virginia.
  •   Working with Quality Director to monitor and maintain Quality Measures for UDS, ACO and HEDIS.    

Desired Qualifications:

  • Graduate of an accredited school/training program
    • Capable of being licensed in the State of West Virginia.
    • Experience in caregiving and practical training in adequate levels so as to be fully prepared for the practice experience.
    • Excellent human relation and oral/written communication skills.
    • Experience consistent with generally accepted standards in the community.
    • Communication skills including: Extensive ability to facilitate telephone communication, composing letters and coordinating non-physician personnel.
    • Ability to deal with a variety of patient interactions and manage for the provisioning of an efficient office environment
    • Ability to operate documentation systems which effect the clinical and financial performance of the WHWC.
    • Ability to operate clinical equipment associated with general practice.
    • Other Duties as assigned
Reports to:Medical Director

The Williamson Health and Wellness Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or status as a protected veteran. Persons with disabilities, veterans, women and minorities are encouraged to apply.

Job Category: Provider
Job Type: Full Time Provider
Job Location: Williamson

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